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My Name is Janosch Kowalczyk, I’m an ultra runner focusing on trails. I decided to chase my vision as a professional trail runner to become the best athlete I can be.
Trailrunning is the center of my life since December 2019 and I arrived at my dream job.
Running 100km in mountainous terrain requires a lot of training, most times seven days a week. Besides hours of training, sometimes five or six hours a day, I organize my nutrition and plan my training schedule in consultation with my coach.
Because the hills around Stuttgart aren’t always sufficient, my training often takes place in the nearby Black Forest, the Allgäu or anywhere where the peaks are a little higher. These are all steps that need to be prepared.
In addition the life of an athlete also includes races, community days with talks, Q&A and group runs.


For me trail running and running in general are the favored choice to handle situations, problems and feelings in everyday life. That is I use running to be (physically) tired in the evening and sit down for dinner with proper appetite. I brainstorm about current tasks in my personal projects and things I need to order in my mind.
I can run to get my head free and clock miles to get satisfied with myself and run very hard to test my limits and of course in racing get self confidence for all other aspects of life.



Without trail running I would probably do lots of other sports like cycling, climbing and also go to the gym and improve myself day in day out.

Ultra trail running teaches to harvest success by training hard and especially regularly. Consistency is the key to endure months of focused training.
On the other hand it includes the specialty of being in remote areas and earn spectacular views in the mountains to feed the soul.


I guess the most often I run in the morning before breakfast.
That is before 7am, sometimes also 5:30am…It took me some years to loose excuses, but I never had a problem to wake up early and now there are only a few days when cold, rain, tiredness win in the morning. It’s not that I am more disciplined now, it’s just more normal. Although I can’t run fast miles that early, running before work kills the risk that unexpected meetings or workload prevent training in the evening.